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CDXN Network key benefits
CPM Based network
Our network calculating publisher's revenue on cost per mile model , build by results from cpm , cpc , cpa , cpv and cpl ad types
Our support works great , every client , publishers or advertiser , we investigating every received comment
  Network system
Our network system is fast , and we having great ads system with low load times
Network fill rate
Our network have 100 % fill rate for all worldwide visitors , if ad is not available for current country we are deliver sponsored or 3rd ad for visitor
  Delivered ads
Our ads is only from branded advertisers and network partners . Our ads is absoltely safe , without any malware , pops or redirections
  Great Payments
You don't wait for your payment with our network. You can request your payment immediately after your balance reach $5 USD and you get all payments on next Monday
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